2014 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual

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2014 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual – The 2014 Dodge Challenger doesn’t just remember the muscle cars of the past–it relives that past with each and every check out of its shape, with each and every style of the crucial. It’s a brawny retelling of the original Challengers that are more dedicated, we think that the current Camaro or Mustang.

However, using that classic-perfect sheet metal put aside, the Challenger is also a major, secure touring two-entrance. It provides a supply trip and contemporary infotainment alternatives which render it a fantastic lengthy-range car owner, though the reduced gas mileage may make those trips a very little pricier than predicted

2014 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual and Concept

2014 Dodge Challenger Styling

The 2014 Dodge Challenger maintains the most dedicated interpretation of old school muscle car design that’s available on the market today. It’s a design that’s designed to abandon Child Boomers waxing sentimental, but through its merge of traditional and cartoonish lines, it is able to entice almost any age group.

2014 Dodge Challenger Performance

While styling looks largely the very same over the Challenger selection, the difference in performance between each model is considerable. The Challenger appearance the biggest and stoutest of the muscle mass cars, and while it’s not really a lot weightier it doesn’t generate with the crispness of the Camaro or the leanness of the Mustang. Individuals with an eye on the pull strip may additionally remember that the Challenger’s large suppress body weight and energy show up brief of the competitors.

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The combination of a for a longer time wheelbase and somewhat a lot more forgiving suspension tune, particularly in V-6 type, give the Challenger a lot more of a ‘presence’ on the road–and a tiny less specific. An aspect of that involves the Challenger’s directing, which is merely as well lighting. Journey quality is perfectly damped, and SRT models now present an adaptive suspension with typical and sport distress methods.

2014 Dodge Challenger Comfort And Quality

When the Challenger’s larger size may possibly produce a handful of concerns in the speed division, the interior of the car is better for it. The Challenger is one particular of the only couples on the marketplace these days with chairs for 5 various, along with its span and weight support make a softer, more comfortable drive for the added travelers.

2014 Dodge Challenger Interior and Redesign

Drive comfort is good for this type of car, with the suspension mellowing out tough bumps and jolts effectively. Almost no road or blowing wind noise penetrates the cabin, but V-8 models deliver an engine/exhaust rumble that, while enjoyable on shorter or sportier outings, may become droning on much longer pushes.

2014 Dodge Challenger Safety

The Challenger hasn’t been evaluated in the past few years by the firms that examine collision-connected situations with new cars. Nonetheless, the vehicle hasn’t evolved significantly since it debuted, so many of the older reviews nevertheless stay, and the Challenger’s very long list of safety technology assists it scores nicely with us.

2014 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual